I visited Hyatt Carmel Highlands-Overlooking Big Sur Coast & Highlands Inn-A Hyatt Residence Club (Hyatt Carmel) using a one night free night vouchers in categories 1-7 received at Hyatt Milestone Rewards and using points & cash in August 2019. We stayed at Highlands, Overlooking Big Sur Coast & Highlands Inn, A Hyatt Residence Club for 2 nights.

It’s a hotel currently with a very long name, but I was simply Hyatt Highlands when I was there. Since I stayed at the hotel more than a year ago, I think there are some differences from the current situation, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to this entry as a record of my experience as the current experience mat be different.

In 2019, I had a number of Hyatt stays early in the year, and before the summer I achieved the 60 nights required to qualify as a Globalist. The validity period of the free benefits that you receive when you reach 60 nights is surprisingly short, about half a year. Ventana or Hyatt Highlands were candidates for a stay to take advantage of the benefits. I searched for hotels that require a high amount of cash accommodation, or that require a large number of points for point accommodation, under the conditions that the location can be reached easily by car for a weekend visit. Both hotels are in Category 7 and are located in an area called Big Sur, which is about an hour and a half drive south of the Bay Area, and it seems that cash accommodation costs at least $600 per night. When I searched for accommodation dates near to J’s birthday, the Ventana was not available. So, I decided to book Hyatt Highlands this time.

When I asked if I could use the suite upgrade when making a reservation, I was disappointed to learn that it could not be used in combination with the free night award of Milestone Rewards. I had no concern changing rooms during my stay, so I booked the additional night with points & cash. I could use the suite upgrade for the points and cash night, but when pushed the representative, they stated that any reservation within 24 hours becomes a single reservation, and the suite upgrade would not be available. I let them know we were celebrating a “birthday” and hopefully with the benefits of a Globalist we could receive an upgrade depending on the availability on the day. The room I reserved had a garden view, so if this becomes an ocean view, that is fine.

When I checked in I was told, “You were upgraded.” Thank you, Hyatt Highlands. I wasn’t told exactly which room type I was upgraded to, but given the photos and room location, I think it’s the One-Bedroom Horizon View Suite. The hotel has a total of 48 rooms, of which 11 are suites, 32 have ocean views and 5 have garden views. Several buildings are located apart, and my assigned room was on the first floor of a two-story building comprised of rooms 201 to 209. It is located closest to the sea on the premises, but high on a hill. However, looking at the appearance of the building and the layout of the rooms from the outside, it seems that there are only six rooms.

When you open the door of the room, there is a safe in the small closet, and if you go a little further, you will find the bathroom with the shower room and toilet on your left. Bath amenities are from Hyatt Residence Club . This may be common to HRC.

From there, clockwise to the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

The bathtub is boldly placed between the bathroom and bedroom and is a layout for couples.

Also, the closet is located opposite the bathtub, which is a bit surprising.

There is a fireplace in the living room, but August is hot and wasn’t used. The desk was easy to use, but the sofa and table seemed a bit out of proportion for a Category 7 hotel. The texture of both the bathroom and living room feels aged and the furnishings themselves are cheap.

The kitchen is not important for short-term residents like us who only stay for 2 nights, but we have a complete set of refrigerator, toaster, microwave oven, kettles, measuring spoons, dish detergent, sponges, kitchen towels, bowls, frying pans, dishes and glasses. However, it is undeniable that the kitchen utensils are somewhat old-fashioned rather than stylish.

The bed in the bedroom is comfortable and the balconies are soothing with the trees in the foreground and the ocean view behind them.

It was a short stay of 2 nights, but I was able to refresh myself.

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