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When I went from Los Angeles to St. Louis by car last month, I stayed one day at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa for a change of pace. The outbound route to St. Louis was California -> Arizona -> New Mexico -> Texas -> Oklahoma -> Missouri, The return route was a little different: Missouri -> Kansas -> Colorado -> Utah -> Arizona -> Nevada -> before arriving back in California.

park hyatt beaver creek front

For this stay at the hotel, J suggested, “Why don’t we stay at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek for one night on our way home?” Since all the trips I had planned for this year were canceled this was a nice alternative and I was able to refresh my tired body by staying at this hotel and traveling across the United States by car.

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Beaver Creek is a winter resort, but it hasn’t snowed yet in late September and it’s off-season. This time, I booked a standard room for one night with cash and it was $ 376.76 (tax and service charge included). When I checked the availability one week before staying at the hotel, I noticed a special offer that I could stay in the suite for $ 480.48 (tax and service charge included) + 6,000 points. I received an email from the hotel in advance about restaurants in the area, and when I replied, I asked if I could upgrade to a suite room by adding 6,000 points to the current reservation rate. I was not able to upgrade at the current rate, but I was eligible for a free upgrade based on availability, and the hotel indicated there was a high chance for a free upgrade. So I decided to keep the reservation unchanged.

park hyatt beaver creek front

The Junior Suite ( Park Fireside Suite ) was vacant on the day of arrival at the hotel, and we were automatically upgraded without any problems or points at check-in. Thank you!

8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill

I was informed by the front desk that breakfast and lunch is only at 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill or a 24-hour convenience store in the hotel. It was explained that the restaurant in the hotel is not open for dinner and room service is not available due to COVID-19. I thought that a dinner option would be room service, but because the hotel is in the center of the village, there was no problem getting carryout from a local restaurant.. The spa was open and guests could use the outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and book a massage.

Brass Bear Bar

The hotel is on the 2nd to 4th floors, and the residence is on the 5th to 6th floors. A special card key is required to reach the residence floor, and the elevator seems to be different. The room I stayed in was on the 3rd floor, and when I entered the room, the bathroom was on the left and the closet was on the right. When you enter the room, you will find a Nespresso on the right side, a refrigerator, a seating area on the front, a work desk on the left side, and a bed in the back. Also, when you go out to the balcony from the window, you can see the pool in front and the slope in the back. Looking at the layout of the room on this floor, I thought that it was a nearly triangular room and it was dark because there was not much light from the outside, but the point is that there is a balcony. It’s 55㎡ – big enough for one night. The large table in the seating area was convenient when dining in the room.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 1
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 2
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 3
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 4
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 5
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 6
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 7
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 8

Looking inside the closet, a humidifier was provided and this is a great feature so be provided without special request as the room may be very dry in winter. The bathroom has a double sink and the toiletries are Le Labo (scented bergamot). The refrigerator was empty and the shelves on both sides are dressers. Both sides of the bed are have dressers, so even if you stay for about a week in winter with heavy clothes for outdoor activities, storage seems to be no problem.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 9
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek layout
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Room 10

It wasn’t lunch yet, so I went to “Blue Moose Pizza” in the village. I was worried about whether to eat in the outdoor space of the restaurant or take it back to the hotel room, but it seemed that there were not so many people at the late lunch, so I had it on the terrace of the restaurant. People around me wore masks, but since everyone takes off their masks during meals, it made me nervous. For the past few months, I have avoided eating out, so I overreacted, and I ate quickly and went away.

Village 1
Blue Moose Pizza
Village 2
Village 3

After lunch, J went to the spa I had booked in advance and I started hiking. Hiking with a medium mask at an altitude of 2,500 meters is likely to cause oxygen deficiency, so I removed the mask and wore it only when I passed a person. Although the altitude is high, the temperature was warm during the sunny day and I sweated lightly. I was able to refresh myself with a one-hour hike to the blue sky and greenery and the feeling of openness unique to the resort. I sat on a bench I found along the way and looked at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek building for a while. As far as you can see from the outside, there seems to be a loft in the residence part on the top floor. I also discover a room with a huge terrace area on the 2nd floor! You can see that this is quite large. It seems to be the real Oxford suite of the top suite, with 160 m2 of rooms and 46 m2 of terrace only.

Village 4
Hiking 1
Hiking 2

I went go back to my room and joined J to buy dinner at the village before it got too dark. During this time, the “September Fest” was held and beer was offered at a lower price than usual. In the village, I could drink the beer I bought at the restaurant, so I got a Kölsch from Boulder, Colorado . A refreshing beer with a refreshing feel.

upslope rocky mountain kolsch
Village night 1
Village night 2

When I sat outdoors on the bench with a beer after sunset, it started feeling cooler. Wearing UNIQLO’s ultra down was just right. After a short game of cornhole, I went to the restaurant I checking out for dinner. I ordered fish tacos and J ordered Thai noodles with peanut sauce. I also ordered tortilla soup and pretzels for sharing. I had another glass of beer here while waiting for my food. I returned to my room before the food got cold to have dinner. The fish tacos were quite normal, but the pretzels I ate for the first time in years were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, and both of us became silent at once, enjoying the pretzel. The Thai-style noodles were not good because the noodles are almost like pasta. You often can’t expect good Asian food in these places.

Dusty Boot Saloon
Dusty Boot Saloon dinner

Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 11:00 am, so I thought that if I went around 8 am, I might be able to eat at the restaurant with few people, but since it’s Saturday, some families were already there. Breakfast is a buffet ($ 24), and you tell the staff what you want and they served it on a plate. Guests are not allowed to serve directly on the plate. There was also an omelet station. There is no à la carte, and latte and juice other than coffee and tea are charged separately. As a Globalist benefit, $ 65 per room seems to be free. I was told that it was possible to have meals in a box and eat in the room, so I asked them to pack them in a box. Even if you say 2 bacon and 2 pancakes, they packed twice as much.

Breakfast 1
Breakfast 2
Breakfast 3
Breakfast 4
Breakfast 5
Breakfast 6
Breakfast 7
Breakfast 8
Breakfast 9
Breakfast 10

It’s regrettable that after breakfast I had to check out and get on the road again. First, I planned to pack our luggage in the car, then go to the counter and check out. It seems that the hotel staff checked out when they saw J going to the car with his luggage. The staff remembers the guest’s face and name, and the quickness of check-out proves that this hotel is top notch. This last positive response makes me want to come back again. I’m not good at winter sports, but I thought it would be nice to spend some time drinking wine while warming up in the fireplace in the room during the snowy season.

Brass Bear Bar Sunbeam
Parh Hyatt Beaver Creek Room Key

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