Breakfast at Ventana, where I stayed in October 2020…. The night before, I enjoyed S’mores and then a late night snack after a full dinner, and by 9 am I was back at the same location as dinner to eat breakfast.

Ventana The Sur House breakfast

To be honest, I wasn’t very hungry, but I wanted to avoid a late breakfast because I had lunch and dinner here on this day as well.

Unlike dinner time, the blue sky and the sea are beautiful, although there are some clouds and fog.

In the morning, the sun was strong and the temperature was high, so I requested a seat in the shade.

I don’t think there was a limit to the number of items that could be ordered from the menu, which is different from dinner.

Ventana The Sur House breakfast menu
Ventana The Sur House breakfast menu / beverages

On the first day, we both had smoked house hash and latte and pineapple juice for drinks. Other fresh juices were orange juice, grapefruit juice, and a green blend.

I was able to choose how to cook the eggs that were served on top of the smoke house hash.

Ventana The Sur House breakfast / Smokehouse Hash

I usually don’t eat meat in the morning, but it was a small amount and it was delicious. I tried fresh fruits after the main breakfast item. I can’t find it on the menu for some reason, but I think it was listed. The mango wasn’t very ripe and I felt like I was eating vegetables.

On the second day, I asked for Ventana breakfast and granola, and coffee and orange juice for drinks. Granola is also not found on the menu from the web, but I think it was on the actual menu I ordered from that day. The familiar taste was comforting. There were too many potatoes for me and so I made sure to have the staff take away the plate before I ate them all!

Ventana The Sur House breakfast / Ventana Breakfast

J’s second day breakfast was mashed avocado / avocado toast. I tasted it, and it was delicious, especially the bread.

Ventana The Sur House breakfast / Mashed Avocado

It’s nice to have breakfast outdoors on a nice sunny day. That alone is a rare opportunity. For both days, I received about twice as much as usual for my breakfast. It was a treat.

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