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I started using French Bordier butter after I bought butter as a souvenir in Paris in 2013 and returned to Japan, but I had not seen it available in Los Angeles. With Bordier flavored butter, you’ll definitely be able to improve your cooking at home. Recently I discovered  French Le Concept Store where you can buy flavored Bordier butter. All the products in the store are imported from France.

Even though it’s Los Angeles, the address is in Calabasas. From the outside of the shop, there is no clear way of knowing that many French products are available, and the signboard is very simple. If you don’t know about the store, you’ll pass by.

There is a refrigerator and a freezer inside, and butter is stored in the freezer. By storing in a freezer you are able to protect the flavor. There are many types of Bordier butter, and I recommend seaweed butter (Beurre de Baratte aux Algues), yuzu flavor (Beurre de Baratte au Yuzu), butter with pepper from Espelette (Beurre de Baratte au Piment d’Espelette), garlic herbs, and Sichuan pepper flavor (Beurre de Baratte Ail et Fines Herbes Poivre de Sichuan). Seaweed butter and garlic, herbs, and pepper flavors are used for fish dishes, yuzu flavors are added to teriyaki chicken sauce for richness, and I often use Espelette pepper infused butter for garlic shrimp. It’s not spicy even though it contains chili peppers. Prices vary by flavor, but are typically $13 to $15 each. I hope to provide some recipes at some point in the future.

Bordier Butters at French Le Concept Store

The refrigerator is full of alain milliat juice. The grape juice seems to specifically reference the grape used. There are also various cheeses and duck confit. I bought Comte cheese, but I didn’t enjoy it.

alain milliat at French Le Concept Store

Next is an Angelina chocolate display. Angelina is said to have been loved by Coco Chanel. Even half the amount of powder on the label is rich enough. The chocolate is milk chocolate and it is quite delicious. The shop also sells chocolate pastes and, according to the staff, it has a super rich taste.

Angelina at French Le Concept Store

French Le Concept Store also carries Mariage Freres as well as Marco Polo.

Mariage Freres at French Le Concept Store

There are many confitures and condiments on the shelves right next to the entrance.

There are mayonnaise and oil with truffles, and I remember making sandwiches with mayonnaise with truffles a few years ago. I came to the conclusion that Japanese mayonnaise is the best.

The shop carries a variety of products – from honey to crackers to Alan Milia’s confiture. It’s a pity that there is no Christine Ferber confiture. Confiture Parisienne, to the right of Alan Milia in the picture, seems to have been a maker known to those in the know (I just now saw the brand in the picture).

Confiture Parisienne at French Le Concept Store

I’ve only written about food, but much of the space inside the store is devoted to furniture and tableware.

Depending on the day, the shop also sells baguettes, croissants, and quiches. As expected, they only handle French products, and the closing time seems to change frequently, so it is recommended to check by phone before going. In addition to a store in Calabasas, another has opened in Palisades Village. I have not visited yet, so I cannot confirmed whether the same products are available.

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